Ortho-Wash™ Media Retention Troughs

Ortho-Wash™ Baffles

Poseidon Filtration Systems® Ortho-Wash™ process combines air scour and backwash to vigorously clean filtration media while lowering backwash rates and waste volumes.  Ortho-Wash baffles, integrally-mounted onto the backwash trough, prevent media loss by deflecting air and providing an adjacent quiescent volume to settle out lightweight anthracite or GAC.  Negligible media loss occurs when air scouring and backwashing at prescribed rates.  Ortho-Wash troughs with baffles are constructed of either 304 or 316 stainless steel to provide durability and maintenance-free service.

Ortho-Wash Troughs PDF
Baffled Wash Trough

Key Benefits

• Wide range of capacities


• Economic variety of solutions


• Reinforced for strength


• Long service life


• Adjustable straight-edge weir plates available with Ortho-Wash™ Baffles


• Negligible media loss during simultaneous air scour and backwash at prescribed rates

How it Works