Centurion™ Nozzle-Based Monolithic Underdrains

The Centurion  monolithic design is a “cast in-situ” design that becomes part of the surrounding civil structure. Unlike other filter underdrain systems that are not a permanent part of the filter structure, there is negligible risk of degradation or structural failure that may lead to a premature filter failure and overhaul. Additionally, our complete line of filter nozzles help ensure optimum system performance on service, backwash, and air scour cycles.

Ortho-Wash Media Retention Troughs

Fabricated from 306/316 SS or fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP), Poseidon backwash troughs are engineered to uniformly and efficiently remove washwater during backwashing of gravity filters. Our troughs are manufactured in a wide range of capacities to meet any practical design requirement.  As needed, Ortho-Wash baffles are installed onto the troughs to prevent media loss by deflecting air and providing an adjacent quiescent volume to settle out lightweight anthracite or GAC.

Ortho-Wash™ Controls

Ortho-Wash, a primary component of the complete Poseidon Filtration System, includes all control hardware, programming, and instrumentation to fully automate conventional granular filters used in municipal water & wastewater treatment applications.

Air Header Manifolds & Piping

Orthos’ experienced engineers deliver the proper design and selection of pipework to optimize functionality of the Poseidon Filtration System.


Orthos offers a wide array of high-quality filter media, such as sand, GAC, anthracite, and Greensand Plus.